Nairobi Love – Lee Kariki

Starting out a new chapter in my life as a fresh face twinkle toe queer, just out of the closet, was not easy. I always knew that there were many single gay men in Nairobi looking for Love just as I was. I just did not know where to look. With no gay friends to rely on in terms of love connection, I decided to take matters into my own hands and download dating apps. With a sexy profile as my lure, I was sure to get a few matches here and there.

After countless matches and numerous ignored chats, I finally found a match that I was sure was not a catfish, after my thorough investigation. And so we decided to meet at a local joint in Nairobi commonly known as ‘Club envy’, now known as ‘Club LA’. The night turned out as beautiful as the man I met. We drunk and danced the night away and decided to meet each other on a later date without the blur of alcohol and the cover of night’s darkness.

Our next rendezvous found us in a restaurant known as ‘The Branch’. The general ambiance was romantic; two love drawn strangers being served fine cuisine by very handsome waiters (I couldn’t help but notice how my newly found gaydar was on high alert with the waiters). The connection was real and electric despite endless distractions by the professional servers. More so the view from the restaurant was a good break away glance from his piercing soul stare. The hot smooth operation later led to his place or my place and the rest, as they say, is fine history.

I can gladly and gleefully say we are still together 4 years later. Living together in the hustle and bustle of Nairobi. Everyday a new experience. Here are some few pointers that I have gathered in these years of life-schooling.
Its always best to blend in with the general Nairobi crowd; well not completely, but atleast be a subtle fruity blend. This for one ensures you avoid unnecessary attention from people with ill intentions like robbers, conmen and radical homophobes.

As metropolitan as Nairobi is, its residents can be quite reserved. Thus PDA (Public Display of Affection) is a huge No-No. Heck, even straight couples don’t get to do that. It’s a different case though in clubs and red velvet rooms.
Choosing a queer friendly neighbourhood to stay in Nairobi is easy. The general mood is that everyone is all up in their own business to mind yours. And landlords don’t give residential contracts by first asking you to declare your sexual orientation.

Lastly, just be yourself. Live Love Nairobi.