Gay and Christian – Andrew S.

I was born in a strong Christian family, as usual I grew up knowing homosexuality is sin and something shameful to talk about. Then I realised I am gay. Being a Christian, I rebuked it and prayed, I also asked God a lot of questions. I was still a boy then. When I joined high school and the feeling did not fade away, I decided to ignore my beliefs, let my hair down and find myself a cute boy to fool around with. My first encounter was static and afterwards I felt so guilty. But the guilt did not deter, so with time I got used to it and soon enough it became the new normal; doing things with guys and going to Church. The shame of it went away but not the questions; I had the urge to understand God’s will in my life. I found some enlightening in His word, I understood that all Biblical moral teaching narrows down to “Love your God above everything and your neighbor as yourself, for this reason, one who loves his own neighbor has fulfilled the requirements of the law.” The words I heard about gay people were all condemnation and disapproval. Most Christians are Pharisees and cling to their view of Bible’s teachings but forget what is most important in the Law; love, grace and faithfulness. I strongly believe, however, that not all moral commandments are eternal and universal some of them are cultural and time-dependent that includes those on homosexuality. I understand my position in God’s Kingdom and my faith is unwavering, now I serve in Church and I would not let a misunderstood issue by those with little knowledge interfere with my relationship with God. Oh, and about changing, everything is possible with God. He even turns stones into bread, however the fact remains that it is hard to find a person who has experienced a real and lasting change in his sexual orientation. At the end of the day, God is Love.