The Boy I Love – Mark Otieno

Finally, I wanna paint it in the skyline… The boy that I love just told me he loves me too. This is greatest feeling in the world; being in love, loving someone who loves you back; probably in the same intensity or higher. Nothing sucks than being unrequited love – worst kind of loneliness.

Malik is a fine young man with a wicked sense of humour. I have been eyeing him for the last three months but I kept it low-key. My fears were unfounded, baseless but real, «would he love me back? Would he be grossed out? Would he treat me like a Plague or worse, would he even hate me?!”

I had seen how it would end – in all ways. Both the positive and the negative. At best it would be the beginning of a love story, a fairy tale where a prince and his prince live happily ever after. On the flip side though, I would be the boy he would love to hate… and I wasn’t ready for that kind of oxymoron. One thing was clear though, Malik had swept me off my feet. And I was falling hard and harder by the day for this Kenyan boy.

I slowly started to drift when I figured I could no longer contain my emotions while around him. I would say silly things that made no sense. Although cute, that would in most times have him give me the awkward look or smile in what seemed to me a disapproving way. Smartest Choice, I figured, was to avoid him all together, but because that was inevitable, I wanted to limit the time we spent together.

Our one-on-one interaction began when Mabel, a mutual friend did not show up at our usual spot. It was unusual for her given that she was ever on time and the first one to arrive. I was known to be fashionably late and notorious as that was, I wasn’t about to give up on that title.  I found Malik alone. It was pretty awkward because he and I never said much to each other. I suggested that he go check on Mabel and let me know – that is where we exchanged contacts.

I never got to hear from him after. Not that day and not the following day either. There is something special about the third day. As I was busy minding my own business at work, I get this random beep on my phone. It was a text, and from Malik. I quickly opened to read my short message and this is was the content

“I had the best ten minutes with you last time. I had cancelled with Mabel and asked if I could use our spot with my date. She obliged. I hope you had a great time because I never got a text or call thereafter from you. I have been meaning to ask you out for the longest but never got the guts, the opportunity and I never had your Number. I love how you single me out, say all this cute stuff about me. I feel special whenever you do that. I really have this profound feeling in my heart, I think I love you and I wanna be around you.”

He got me smiling from ear to ear, I have been here for the last hour, trying to write a response to him.