Nairobi Nights – Club LA

This downtown club has everything except a fire escape; cheap drinks, a DJ’s playlist that hasn’t changed since 2014, something that resembles a cocktail (you try it and tell me), boys and more boys, and of course there is always two or three tables full of girls at the balcony for girls who like girls. There is even a VIP room with one skinny boy working the pole. The toilets are interesting because you can be sure someone will be checking out your cock. Then at midnight enter the Dolls (drag queens). They get in with so much farce with bags in their hands. An hour or so in the toilets they are transformed, and that moment you know the night will be EPIC. I don’t know what happens after 1am because that’s when everyone starts the twerk, it’s like after Miley Cyrus was done with twerking she sent it over to Club LA. If you are lucky the DJ by sheer chance will play your favourite song. If I can describe Club LA in two words: OUTRAGEOUS FUN.
If you are in Nairobi, this place is worth checking out on Friday and Saturday nights. Guard you phone and wallet though, just saying. There is an entrance charge on some busy night, which is, you buy two drinks then get in.