Artcaffe -Have you tried the happy hour?

The Artcaffe chain of restaurants continue to stand out in the city of Nairobi as an excellent service provider. Situated in all major malls in Nairobi, Artcaffe is a blend of restaurant and café where upon entering, guests are received with a warm and welcoming ambiance that encourages hours of indulgence and lounging. First-time customers soon become returnees, encouraged by the consistency in good service, offered by the ever so friendly and welcoming staff.

Affordable and competitive prices are a plus for those not willing to spend a fortune on an eating out experience.

We cannot afford not to mention the great daily offers found at Artcaffe. They have a daily happy hour that starts from 4.00pm till 7.00pm. The ‘buy one get one free’ offer on their signature cocktails is an attraction that pulls revelers in their hundreds. The mojito, the whiskey sour and the classic margaritas are a delight and a must-try for tipplers looking to maximize their enjoyment and save a coin.

The food at Artcaffe is some of the best prepared and delicious in the city. The pizzas are as good and original as they would be in Roma. Their pasta selection is mouthwatering and tastes just as great. The chefs do not disappoint with their variety of unique daily specials, delectable soups and a scrumptious selection of meat and chicken dishes for the self-proclaimed carnivores.

Why choose Artcaffe? My own personal favorites would inspire anyone seeking to have a great time, alone or with the company. I am particularly fond of the many options from their intercontinental wine list. Being an avid lover of cabernet sauvignon, I am always pleased with the options on the menu. On my last visit, I drowned my sorrows on several glasses of their delicious Anakena ‘Birdman’ Cabernet Sauvignon, a Chilean wine import. We ordered two of their signature pizzas that came in record time, the Bianca and Pollo were a delightful treat that I must recommend for all pizza lovers.

The great ambiance and indulgent music is another reason to visit the Artcaffe but another of my own personal favorites has got to be the Sunday Mimosa specials. Overall I love that this establishment offers champagne by the glass at an affordable price.

Anyone looking to experience a refined taste of what restaurant and bars have to offer in Nairobi must try the Artcaffe.


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